What is the Scope of the MOU between the NN and PMSCs?

The NN is an institution of Government and draws funding from the state to protect the territorial integrity of the Nigerian state as well as Government Critical Assets Within its domain. Oil Fields and her assets are owned by the Nigerian state up to 60% and operated by IOCs. Therefore, they form part of the critical assets of the government. It is obligatory for the Nigerian Navy to provide security support, especially where arms are required. The MOU btw NN and PMSC enable the NN to provide armed support to the IOC from suitable platforms of the PMSC under Command and Control of the Navy. The payment for these platforms is done by both the Nigerian government and IOC to the PMSC in proportion to ownership structures of the Oil Facility – 60/40.

The MOU has no provision to support escort of commercial ships on a voyage to Nigeria, to either load or discharge cargo. If any Private Maritime Security agent applies for support from the NN to provide an armed team to support a commercial vessel, it is granted discretionary by the NN and NOT under the scope of the MOU. This process does not require an MOU but may be allowed or refused on merit.

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