Our years of providing support in Maritime Security to our Clients/Partners who are either Ship Owners, Oil/Maritime Companies and Maritime Security Companies in Africa, we have come to realize that to better service our clients using the “One Stop Shop” principle requires us to develop an efficient Airport and Land Support Service to ensure smooth and uninterrupted service delivery.
To this end, Britanic Maritime has built on its capacity to provide Meet and Greet (M&G), Armed Motorcade Escort (AME), Immigration processes in hostile and none-hostile areas like Port Harcourt and Warri with Lagos as a lower risk area. All these services are now conducted professionally under relevant licenses from the Nigerian Authorities. So far, we have maintained Zero (0) incident mainly due to our use of Best Practice, knowledge of local terrain and quality intelligence.
We have experts drawn from retired Special Forces, Police and Private Security Industry to combine skills from Security and Crimes fields. We have incorporated to a great extent, the use of technology in our operations.
In terms of costing, we have developed a platform that enable us to tailor cost effectively to client’s peculiar requirement. This means we can provide quality service to individuals, small and large business, local and multinational corporations.
Whether your requirement is that of individual or corporate organization for Meet and Greet at Airport/Sea Port, Secured Land Transport, connection to Sea/Vessel or offshore locations with or without Immigration process, Britanic Maritime Ltd is positioned to provide you a solution that fits your need and realistic budget.
We look forward to hearing from our esteemed and potential Clients/Partners

Emmanuel Maiguwa G. (EMG)
CEO – Britanic Maritime Ltd.