Five persons have been abducted from a merchant vessel in the vicinity of Parrot Island, Calabar, Nigeria, the UK-based security brokerage Asket said.

The incident occurred in the evening hours of September 18.

As informed, four speed boats attacked the unnamed ship, abducting the men.

Separately, Dryad Maritime confirmed the incident to World Maritime News.

In addition, a representative from International Maritime Bureau’s (IMB) Piracy Reporting Centre said that investigations into the incident are ongoing.

However, no other details are available at the moment.

“Mariners are advised to exercise caution in this area,” according to Asket.

Meanwhile six crew members of the Zanzibari-flagged passenger vessel MV Queen Binanga, who have been left to their own devices for two years now after being abandoned by the ship’s owner, are faced with unacceptable living conditions.

The vessel broke down and is anchored off the port of Tanjung Priok, in Indonesia, “practically abandoned, grossly undermanned and in what very much appears to be an unseaworthy condition”, according to the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF).

Furthermore, the authorities in Indonesia are said to be informed of the vessel’s status as it could pose a danger to shipping movements in the vicinity.

An ITF inspector has visited the vessel and has found that the crew members, five of them of Kenyan nationality, are short of fresh water, provisions and fuel.

Some of these men are owed wages dating back 19 months, the Captain and 2/Engineer for 4 months, ITF said.

As confirmed to World Maritime News, the ITF inspector has sent a letter to the owner and the Zanzibar Maritime Authority.

“We have been requested to assist the current crewmembers of the above captioned vessel to recover their unpaid wages and their repatriation.

“Further to above, and as you are also aware several former crewmembers who signed off of the vessel in 2016, are still owed a considerable amount of outstanding wages.

“All of this has already been brought to your attention by the Kenyan Maritime Authority… which to date you have ignored. Your continued failure to address this matter and act in a responsible and constructive manner may well result in your losing the vessel due to some form of action being taken against it,” the letter reads.

The ITF also urged the flag state to intervene and assist in the matter, reports World Maritime News.

Source: Shipping Day